Friday, January 16, 2009

Cuttin' Up

It was so cold Tues. & Wed. that the best thing to do was stay inside and work on quilt projects. I spent quite a bit of time cutting pieces for the Double Delight mystery. Didn't get to do much on Thurs. since I worked at the library, but today I was back at it. While the pattern was offered in steps as a mystery I didn't start cutting until I had printed out all the steps. Then I started cutting..and cutting..and cutting, until this is what my Double Delight looks like at this point. Now I can sew..and sew..and sew. And THEN I get to trim...and trim...and trim. (Not really looking forward to that part.)

1 comment:

  1. YUP! The entire north has been hit with extreme wind chills. It allowed me TWO days off, quilting the whole time. :0)
    Way to get a start on DD. (I haven't yet) but I'm like you--I have the whole thing printed off. I didn't decide to make it until I saw the entire project this time---it'll be perfect for a graduation quilt for my babysitter.

    I'm sure Nebraska has warmed up by now----we actually are above zero this morning. A heat wave is being forecast for the next 5 days----THIRTY DEGREES! Yes!
    Happy Saturday