Friday, January 9, 2009

Thing #20

Since I have an interest in genealogy I explored the My Heritage app site. It is the winner in the genealogy category & says it is free, private and secure. It claims to have more than 28 million members, include more than 300 million names and host more than 5 million family sites. I did find several listings for Risinger family sites but other names I searched came up with nothing. The site offers family web sites, genealogy searching, photo posting, message boards and downloadable Family Tree Builder software. I already use Legacy Family Tree but for someone just starting out this might be a free option for software. One of the interesting things about the site is their claim to use advanced face recognition technology that you can use to find relatives on the site. They offer a look alike meter to find resemblances between your child and you or other relatives. You can also see if you resemble a celebrity and strangest of all there's a program to morph yourself with a celebrity. You can even order flowers or gifts to be sent on this site. The pricing is in Euros so I'm assuming this is a European site. I intend to come back to the site when I have more time and I've bookmarked it on Delicious and my own computer.

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