Friday, January 9, 2009

Thing #22..........Podcasts

I used to listen to a few podcasts through Itunes but I don't have an IPod so I was tied to the computer. I'm glad to find some other podcast directories. Found a few of my old favorites and added Leo Laporte's "This Week in Tech" to my Google Reader listings. I've always liked Leo. Anybody remember the old "Screensavers" show on TechTV? I learned so much from that show. I know the directions say to add it to Bloglines but I switched to Google Reader a while back. I saw some book review podcasts that I think I'll go back to at another time. Other than those I'm not sure how this would benefit my library. I could listen to podcasts of workshops or presentations I missed maybe. Maybe podcast book reviews could be done and put on a library's website? Probably not something I will do. There just isn't time in the day to do all this stuff. Cool as it may be.

Can I download any of these podcasts to my Sansa MP3 player? I hope so, because if I have to be tied to the computer to listen to them I'll listen to very few.

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  1. Sorry about the type O. My post should have read Oh man not on man!