Friday, January 9, 2009

Thing #21

I'd watched videos on YouTube before, so this wasn't completely new to me. Once I had ordered my quilting machine I searched for videos on machine quilting, lining up pantographs, loading the quilts, etc. And heaven knows I've watched the kids watching funny cat videos at the library. So, I decided to go one better than our exercises instruct. I uploaded a video my granddaughter took with my digital camera at Christmas and this is it: That's my daughter & grand-daughter playing their new Wii at our house on Christmas Day.

A library could use YouTube to publish a promotional video. Or, maybe video some library activity so the kids & their parents could see themselves in a video. Could video a presentation or how-to video (like using the microfilm reader or something like that) and patrons could watch it. YouTube could be a useful tool but there's also an awful lot of crap on it that it would be just as well without. I guess the same applies here as selective.


  1. On man was your video funny! Reminds me of my sister and I. We had a bit to much fun with her new WII. She decided that at age 50 she needed to take it slower with her new WII; she was so stiff the next morning she barely made it out of bed.

  2. Was it difficult to learn to do the videos? I'm thinking of adding some to my blog now that I see webshots lets me add videos.