Friday, January 9, 2009

Things 17 & 18....Learning about Wikis

Wikis are another of those things I had heard a few things about so I know what they are. After visiting the examples I have a better idea of how a wiki can be used. I guess I have a few reservations about them simply because anybody can add or change information so it could be fact or mere opinion. I can see them as being useful in certain situations. For instance, in a library much larger than mine a wiki could be used to keep staff informed and let them add their comments or info or questions and collaborate on projects when they don't all work at the same time. A book review wiki for a library would be easy to change and add to. A Library News wiki would be easier to add to than dealing with changing a web page all the time. When I saw the examples for community wikis I thought that would be so much easier to maintain than the website Nebraska communities have through NPPD where the info has to be sent in for someone there to make the changes, changes have to be paid for and can only be done a certain number of times per year. It'd be so much easier to keep it current. Of course, it would have to be set up so only certain people could make the changes to keep it from being a free for all.

I played on PBwiki, adding my blog to the Nebraska Learns 2.0 favorites and added my favorite quilting page to favorite pages other than my blog. Not hard at all.

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