Friday, January 2, 2009

What fun!!

This is my 3rd and final set of Happy Blocks for the Heartstrings New Year's Block Party. I finished up last night about 9:45, having completed three complete sets of 48, plus I had six extra blocks for a total of 150. This was such a fun project and if your year goes the way New Year's Day goes, then I'll be happily sewing all year. One thing I did learn by doing this was that my considerable fabric stash is missing something. Yes indeed, I will have to shop for blenders, those fabrics that may not be solids but read as solids from a distance. A few of the ones I used for my blocks would pass if viewed from a distance of 15-20 ft. from the back of a galloping horse. We all need goals for the New Year, right? Mine is to shop for blenders!!!

As for other goals, I think I'll try to finish some of the started or planned for a long time projects, some of which are only piles of fabric & a pattern. I also plan to keep using fabric from the stash as much as possible. (with the exception of those blenders!!)


  1. What fun quilts! Those will really brighten a few children's rooms!
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog and I delight at the beauty of of your quilts.

  3. All three of these are so CUTE! Thank you so much for participating. It sounds like you had as much fun as I did making them.