Sunday, January 4, 2009

Should I?...........Or Should't I?

Tonight when I should have been going to bed I opened up my fabric cabinets and started pulling out fabrics that would work for the New Year's Eve mystery quilt at I don't really need to start another project & it definitely doesn't meet my goal of finishing things that are started. However, all the fabric IS from stash, and that meets the goal of using what I have. I have several quilt tops of my own that need to be quilted and a king size customer quilt that will take a while to finish. Why am I even considering starting another project? Especially one with as many small pieces as this one. Am I insane? The strange thing is that I have been thinking about how to make a quilt with blue, brown and pink and along comes Bonnie with this pattern. Maybe I'm meant to make it. Maybe it's destiny. Maybe it's karma. But not before I finish a couple of other things, I think. Problem is, now my mind is racing & I probably won't be able to sleep. Oh well, I can sleep in.

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