Friday, January 9, 2009

Thing #23....The end of the road....or is it?

It may be the end of the road for this particular learning journey but I imagine it's only the beginning of learning about technology innovations. I wasn't sure about the whole thing when I started but I'm glad I started and stuck with it.

What are my favorites among the 23 things? I'd have to say RSS feeds and Delicious. Flickr is OK, but I'm a Webshots fan and also have some pictures on Multiply. Don't think I'll ever get into IMing. Maybe if my friends and relatives were into it I'd give it a shot, but they're not. I never thought I'd put a video on YouTube, but I did (though I doubt if my daughter will thank me). Overall, I've enjoyed this opportunity. I like learning new things and am a little bit of a computer geek anyway, so this was perfect. How much of it I will be able to actually use at the library is questionable since what I already do there takes up the time available.

I do know that if the Library Commission were to offer another similar learning opportunity, I would participate. I like the learning pretty much at my own pace & at a time & place of my choosing, I like the CE hours and I like that this has saved me about 4 or 5 trips to classes & workshops for the same number of CE hours. And, if I were to win an MP3 player, that would just be frosting on the cake!

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