Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been on a roll!!

I've been on a roll the past month. First I won two gift certificates at my husband's company Christmas party. Then I won a door prize in the Heartstrings New Year's Block Party. Can't wait to see what it is. Then I went to the grocery store and found out I had won the monthly drawing for a $50 gift certificate. Maybe I should go to the casino and make my fortune while the luck lasts. Or maybe I should at least buy some Powerball tickets. And just to prove I really am on a roll, I noticed on Saturday when I put air in my car tire that the valve stem cap was missing. Figured I'd have to scrounge around among the old tires to find a different one. Sunday night as I was getting ready for bed I went to close the drawer on a little dresser in the bathroom and just as I was pushing it shut I saw something small & black in the drawer...............Yep, a valve stem cap. What are the chances???? So I put it in my coat pocket so it would be handy next time I drove the car, to put it on. Now, doesn't that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm on a roll?


  1. I won't even ask why there was a tire valve stem in your drawer...how odd!

    I say hit the casino's why you're hot.

  2. I'd say, the chance would be 1 in a million.

    Won't commnent on casino though, I think it is your personal choice ;)